Fencing & Decking

Fencing Decking Warrington CheshireFencing is a great way to give yourself some extra privacy in your garden, and also gives you a place to grow climbing plants by providing a kind of trellis. Decking also provides you with a comfortable area to sit and relax in your garden, and is a great alternative to placing a table and chairs on your lawn which is susceptible to the effects of excessive rain.

We can offer a range of services including:

  • New Builds

If you would like new fencing or decking erecting in your garden then we are able to build it for you from scratch.



  • Repairs

If your current fencing or decking is damaged we are able to provide a repair service which only looks to replace what is absolutely necessary to ensure your current fencing or decking is safe and secure.

  • Wood Treatments

Should you require a one off or regular treatment of your wooden fencing or decking please contact us as we can arrange our service around you. Treatments help to ensure the longevity of wooden structures in your garden by helping to guard them from the effects of excess water, whilst also helping to retain the natural colours of the wood.

For a no obligation quote or for further information please contact us as we will be only too happy to help.